What Happens if You Get Arrested While Out on Bail

  • March 5, 2018

Every bail bond agency is tasked with one goal – to help their client secure a bond in due time. Your friend/relative may be arrested when you’re least prepared. If you’re able to raise the bail, they won’t go to prison.

This bail acts as a “goodwill” guaranteeing that they will appear in court. You may, unfortunately, feel that you’re not in a position to afford the required sum. This is when you need a bail bondsman that won’t forsake you an in time of need says Gary from Acme Bail. 

1. Go for the one with the lowest asking percentage. Whenever people are arrested, their bail bonds agency asks them to contribute a certain percent of the money, then they fund the rest. His percentage varies depending on the number of years they’ve been in the industry and the type of license they operate under.  You should then contact them and see if they will bail you out without a collateral or you need to give them something to hold into.

2. Check if they are licensed to operate in the jurisdiction where the arrest took place. Before settling on any bondsman, ensure that they are allowed to operate in that geographical location. Also, ensure that they are highly valued by members of the community. I have noticed that most licenses are issued by the state’s internal insurance department. Visit their offices and inquire about the agency you have in mind. There are a few companies that have an online portal where you can access the registration status through a web address.

3. You want a bondsman with years of experience. Perhaps this is the deal breaker. Before choosing a bondsman, ask for testimonials and previous experiences. Having a loved one in custody is enough stress on its own already. Get an experienced agency and you will experience peace of mind. Experienced agencies generally tend to have liquid finances. This is how agencies guarantees a rapid response.

4. Method of financing – How does the specific organization accept payments? Ask them beforehand. At this time, you’re looking for ways to get a bond at the lowest cost possible. Check if they accept both credit cards and checks or if they’re a cash-only organization. Never sign agreements without going through the fine prints either. A few craft agents charge interest and they will never tell you directly.

Dexter Ramirez

E-mail : bbrunorivas@gmail.com

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