What Side of the Road do You Ride a Bike On

  • November 1, 2017

Los Angeles roads are usually prone to traffic congestions, especially during rush hours. This has led to multiple campaigns to encourage people to adopt the use of bikes as an alternative to personal cars in an attempt to decongest the city. So far the campaigns have been successful and have seen more and more people use bikes to commute to work.

Unfortunately, bike safety is often pushed under the rug, and this has led to frequent accidents. Many drivers view bike riders as an inconvenience thus may drive in a way to endanger their lives. Even worse, most victims feel that their cases were judged harshly simply because they were not riding in a car.

For this reason, it is helpful to hire the services of a professional lawyer in to represent you in a lawsuit in case of an accident.

Importance of legal presentation from a bike lawyer
Every bike accident victim is entitled to fair compensation for the property damages, and injuries sustained, that result from negligence outside the rider’s control. This may include being hit by other automobiles or as a result of the bicycle’s defects.
While you would be attempted to handle the insurance claim by yourself, you should hire a lawyer to help you with the claims. They have enough skills and experience to negotiate with your insurance company, to have your insurance claim settled in full amount.
Unlike insurance companies who strive to make a profit by denying victims their claims, a good bike lawyer in Los Angeles will have your best interest at heart. They are aware of the kind of information and evidence to present to the insurance company or jury to maximise your settlement value. This makes them more convenient in any lawsuit.
Finally, they are a representation of strength. Most insurance companies will take the claim seriously once they realise you have a legal presentative. These lawyers will employ an aggressive attitude which will send a signal that you have enough evidence to win the case. This will increase the likelihood of the insurance company going for litigation to avoid costly and risky lawsuits.

How much is it to hire a bike lawyer in LA?

Most bike injury victims wonder how they will afford the services of a reliable bike lawyer. Surprisingly, unlike the perception of most people, these attorneys are relatively affordable to hire, and their payment involves no upfront costs to ensure that all your legal right are met.
Your bike attorney fee is usually paid from your final settlement. In most cases, lawyers demand 40% of the settlement, if the lawsuit is filed, and a 1/3 of the settlement if no lawsuit was filed. These charges might be more if the case goes to trial.
In addition to the attorney fee, you might be required to cover other expenses which may include investigator fees, 911 recording charges, jury fees and travel costs among others.
You are advised to fill and sign the contingent fee agreement in advance with your attorney to avoid any confusion about legal fees. The law requires you to have the document before the case proceeds.

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